Prevent the Summer Cold with Colloidal Silver

As a producer of Colloidal Silver, one of the most frustrating things is this: I make my own; I have it on hand all the time; I give it away to my family and friends... whenever someone is sick they accept the Colloidal graciously, and use it to get well. But they don't stay on it as a preventative. I guess I don't understand it and I have given up my little speeches about using it every day. They know the drill...

My son is a firm believer in Colloidal Silver, but even he has said, "I only need it in the spring and in the fall when I get the cold".

If you have a summer cold now, I feel bad for you. I can still remember those... My testimony is still this: I have not had a cold, flu or a sinus infection since I put myself on a daily regimen of Colloidal Silver.

It has been nearly nine years since I started taking Colloidal Silver every day and I can assure you- I am not turning BLUE. (See reference to Argyria claims)
It is my intention to use it forever, and since I make my own at home, it costs me the price of distilled water and thats all.

Get yourself some Silver Water and think about using it for preventive maintenance.