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“What we have actually done is re-discover the fact that silver killed bacteria, which had been known for centuries…when antibiotics were discovered, clinical uses for silver were discarded.”
Robert O. Becker, M.D.

Colloidal Silver-Our Forgotten Resource by J Salgy

To begin, it must be said that Colloidal Silver is not new, and neither is the knowledge of the healing properties of Silver. The information and knowledge is thousands of years old and yet the average person does not about Colloidal Silver and it's anti-microbial power. Is it an ancient secret? No. But there are those that have an interest in thwarting or debunking the information because it interferes with 2 things that man (or the entities and agencies created by man) love: Power and Money. But that is for another writing.

Records dating back as far as 4000 years speak of the healing properties of Silver. The practice of placing water in silver vessels is mentioned by the Eastern Persians; Silvers’ ability to disinfect was known by the Greeks and Babylonian civilizations; It is known that silver compounds were used by the Romans for medical treatment.

During the time of the Plague, aristocrats and rulers did not contract the “plague”. Why? They were constantly absorbing tiny particles of silver into their bodies from the silver in the goblets, plates and eating utensils. So, it was the peasants and the poor that suffered and died from the rampant diseases of the times, (not unlike our Health Care and Insurance systems today).

Western scientists proved in the late 1800’s that silver was a germ-fighter, as had been known by other civilizations for thousands of years. Researchers learned that colloid minerals were extremely effective and the use of colloids in medicine were exploited. Colloidal Silver proved to be greatly effective against infectious organisms and extremely safe to use without side-effects that are associated with drugs. Colloidal Silver became the choice of medical practitioners and was widely used in anti-microbial treatment.

Throughout the early 1900’s, Colloidal Silver gained much recognition, but production was costly and because silver is a natural resource, Colloidal Silver could not be patented. Because of this patent limitation, attention was given and money was spent on the developing of profitable infection fighting drugs- the antibiotics. The problem with antibiotics, as we would find out, is they are not effective for long, because many strains of bacteria have mutated and become resistant to them. It must also be said that antibiotics are not effective on a virus, yeast, or fungus. Colloidal Silver is, and has shown to be effective against more than 650 disease causing organisms. No single-celled pathogen can live in the presence of Silver for more than a few minutes, because the silver works by disabling it's enzyme for oxygen metabolism.

Colloidal Silver is non-narcotic, non-addicting and our body cannot build up a resistance to it. It is non-toxic, non-allergenic and has no side effects. And still, given all that we knew about Silver and Colloids, we strayed from nature and were drawn to the miracle drugs and pharmaceutical cures. Had we really forgotten? Not really. We were simply seduced off course by technology and big money promotion and put our trust and faith in things made by man. And perhaps what we have forgotten is that nature is and always was: the great provider.


What is a Colloid? Microscopic particles suspended in some sort of liquid medium. In the case of Colloidal Silver, it is microscopic particles of pure silver suspended in distilled water by the process of electrolysis. In this process the silver is given a positive electrical charge and because "like" charges repel, the Silver remains suspended throughout the water.


Colloidal Silver Articles

From The Publisher
The information contained here is intended as a resource only. I do not claim or promise that Colloidal Silver ‘cures’ infectious disorders or diseases.

Any information herein is not to be taken as medical advice and the individual should consult the healer of their choice for such.

It is, however, proven that silver has tremendous antimicrobial power and the history of safe and successful Colloidal Silver use is extensive.

I will attempt to pass information on to you, and with that in mind, you may decide for yourself.
Please be open-minded in your research, and perhaps even a bit cautious. Some writers make references to Colloidal Silver and state facts which actually relate to Silver Salts or Silver Compounds. The result is confusion and even fear about Colloidal Silver. One specific example is the condition known as Argyria, which you may have read about already, and will be disussed in the following article.
Colloidal Silver Causes Argyria?
Argyria (Argyriosis) is a condition caused by large amounts of Silver Compounds being deposited into the skin. It is also caused by ingesting particles of Silver which are too large to pass through the body. If Argyria occurs, the skin may appear a bluish gray, mostly visible on the face and hands. Many claims are made that Colloidal Silver causes this, and be assured there are no documented cases of Argyria caused by true Colloidal Silver in its pure form, (meaning: tiny, microscopic particles of silver suspended in distilled water- and nothing else) It should also be said here that there are only a few documented cases of this occurring. Argyria caused by true Colloidal Silver is extremely uncommon.
Many articles and warnings are written on this topic, and if the proper research is done, you may find that either the source has been misinformed and misled, or the source is deliberately trying to cause confusion about Colloidal Silver and mislead the reader. It is easy to become confused in this area, because many words and phrases are used as if they are interchangeable, and they are not. There is a distinct difference between Colloidal Silver and Silver Proteins or Silver Compounds. It is wise to use your mind and your judgement to decipher what the source is trying to accomplish.
One interesting case is Stan Jones, a politician from Montana. He produced his own Colloidal Silver using a silver generator. He used tap water, (a definite NO-No...) and following the manufacturers' instructions, he added salt to produce the Colloidal Silver. Subsequently he fell victim to slight Argyria, after consuming large quantities of Colloidal Silver per day, and over a long period of time. His story made big news, but the story told to the world was incomplete and at the same time over-exaggerated by the use of enhanced photos. He himself, has set the record straight in many subsequent interviews and beyond all of the publicity, he remains a strong supporter of Colloidal Silver.

Colloidal Silver Testimonials

From the Publisher: I first heard of Colloidal Silver in 1995 when a friend recommended it for my long-lasting sinus infections. I tried it and it was amazing, but because of the cost, I could only buy it when I became very ill. Several years later, I purchased a Colloidal Silver Generator and started to make Colloidal Silver at home. I have been using Colloidal Silver since February 2000, and have not been ill from a cold, flu, or virus since that time.

When I first started making my own Colloidal Silver at home, I was anxious to feel better and I had all the Colloidal Silver I could want at my disposal. I began by consuming 1/2 a glass at a time and found myself feeling worse; like I had a bad flu. I thought I must be the only person in world history to be allergic to Colloidal Silver, or that it might be toxic to me. I contacted the person I bought my generator from and I learned I was experiencing "Healing Crisis" (Herxheimer Reaction). This is where the the toxins in the body are being killed off faster than the body can eliminate them. I immediately cut my daily dosage down and allowed my body to heal at a more reasonable rate and I felt 100% within a few days.

Herxheimer Reaction-
the symptoms of illness one may feel as the result of effective treatment. It is caused by toxins being released from the cell walls of dying bacteria, and a sign that the treatment is working to eradicate pathogens faster than the body can eliminate them. Herxheimer Effect or "healing crisis", is a sure sign that the treatment is working, but may be avoided by starting Colloidal Silver slowly- in small doses. Keep in mind, small doses are all that are necessary when using Colloidal Silver as a supplement.


from Anonymous: I had been making and using Colloidal Silver for quite some when I decided to present the idea to my aunt. For years she had battled with chancre sores in her mouth, that were present a good deal of the time. She would get them all over the inside of her mouth; cheeks; and on her lips. My aunt is very strong-willed and her beliefs lie in the realm of pharmaceutical medicine and advice, although she had not found any means of relief and had dealt with these painful sores for decades. I presented her a spray bottle of Colloidal Silver and her to "just try it"... In 3 days, the sores disappeared and have not returned and do not return with regular use.
Elisabeth A: My experience with colloidal silver began December 1999. I became very ill with a phenomena- a bronchitis lung thing, and started taking the silver 2-3 oz per day for a week and was completely healed. Previously, I had taken doctor prescribed medications and the condition could linger for a months.

When the yearly viral lung illness, aka "the CRUD", comes along I begin taking the silver and if caught in time I don't get sick at all. If it catches up to me before I take it, the treatment may be up to a week to rid it out of my lungs and respiratory tract. The rest of the people and co-workers are ill for months.

I had a problem with my Persian kitten for two years when first buying him. He would get these lumps in his neck/throat area which practically strangled him. He was on veterinarian antibiotics three times and the lumps would go away and then return with a vengeance within two weeks. I struggled with this until acquiring some silver and giving him an eyedropper everyday, and then every other day for a couple weeks to be sure the proper dose was given. For the past two years his lumps have disappeared and have not returned. I occasionally put it in the dogs and the cats water; the animals' fur and healing preventative is miraculous. Many people have asked me what I do to make them so soft, although I also give them fish oil pills, so it is a combination...

(Colloidal Silver for Pets? view more testimonials from people who have used Colloidal Silver with their pets)

...I have used silver in spray bottles on infected eyes or cuts, after cleaning. The pets don't mind because it doesn't sting and quickly heals up wounds. This includes some deeper wounds that my cat has gotten when getting into fights.

I use it as an antiseptic for my mouth when bad breath is a problem due to bacteria. If I had children I would feel comfortable giving it to them when necessary. I feel safe in using silver whenever it is called for and has so many remedial uses. I totally believe in it and plan to buy a silver machine soon.

Colloidal Silver Production

Make Your Own Colloidal Silver at Home

If you have tried Colloidal Silver and decided you want to make your own at home, you have made a wise choice, and a very economical one as well. Making your own Colloidal Silver greatly reduces your cost and you can now have a lifetime supply of Colloidal Silver at your finger tips.

About this Colloidal Silver Generator:

Our generator uses only .9999 pure silver electrodes and distilled water to produce the purest product available. The generator comes with all of the following:

  • Pure .9999 silver electrodes
  • Complete directions for set-up and production
  • Batteries

We have the best eMail and telephone support available in the industry. We don't leave you alone to find out for yourself. We are there for you if you need us although the instructions as well as the simplicity of the machine itself insure your success in its operation.

At $39, we have broken the price barrier for colloidal silver generators and made colloidal silver truly an affordable solution for many of your health needs. All you need to get started producing quality colloidal silver is the generator for $39. However, the whole set-up for production, testing, storage and application can be bought as a package. You save $5.00 off the items priced separately.

Complete Production Set-Up

The complete colloidal silver production set-up includes all of the following:

  • The generator
  • 1 extra positive electrode (the one which is used up after producing about 7 gallons of 10 ppm solution)
  • 8 oz. amber storage bottle
  • 2 oz. amber dropper bottle
  • Spray cap
  • Hanna Instruments TDS-1 tester

Colloidal Silver Controversy

Colloidal Silver-Controversy and Contradiction
Like many natural remedies, Colloidal Silver does not get a fair reputation. Whether it's because of the times we live in where modern medicine is the norm; or if it's because of the powerful influences of our times; it just does. The FDA has played the biggest role in the bashing of Colloidal Silver. They were on a crusade for decades to ban Silver and to make criminals out of those that tried to sell Colloidal Silver for medicinal use. The FDA knows that Silver is powerful; they always have, and so do the pharmaceutical companies. But the FDA must protect the profits of the pharmaceutical entities. The FDA has for years used scare tactics to produce fear and steer people away from Colloidal Silver products.
But they speak out of both sides of their mouth:
Silver is not good-
but we'll approve it for burn centers
Silver is not good-
but we'll approve it for your newborns' eyes
Silver is not good-
but we'll approve these band-aids
Silver is not good-
but we'll approve it for your city water supply
It has been declared in recent years that to be marketed, Colloidal Silver must be called a dietary supplement. Product labels state that 'the FDA has not approved this product'. This one statement alone might lead a person to believe that if the FDA has not approved something, it must be bad for us. What's bad for us is the deliberate conspiratorial actions taken by powerful entites with an agenda.
From the Publisher: Looking back at all the trouble and roadblocks the FDA and the pharmaceuticals companies have caused with regard to Colloidal Silver Products, perhaps it has worked out for the best. Even the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)... they list no known toxicity level for Colloidal Silver, yet they have come up with a "safe" dose. It's important that these entities keep the fear and confusion alive because of the big money at stake. Imagine a world with no pharmaceutical antibiotics...?
So, we have the ability to make our own Colloidal Silver at home; we have the ability to sell the products if we choose; and we don't have to be controlled by pharmaceutical money. If we think about it from all angles, perhaps its a good thing NOT to have that approval. But supporters and producers of Colloidal Silver also have a huge responsibility... to tell people exactly what it is you are offering them. If it's a Silver Compound... tell them. If it's Silver Protein... tell them. Confusion in this arena should not be used to anyones advantage.
Try Curad Silver Bandages Available at Utopia Silver. They have a fine silver mesh in the pad for the anti-bacterial effect and to aid healing.

...or treat your regular bandages with Colloidal Silver using a couple drops right onto the band-aid right before you apply it to the cut or scrape.

Colloidal Silver Purchase

Colloidal Silver 8oz Advanced Colloidal Silver 8oz
(Approx 48 day supply)
Price: $24.00

(You may also purchase Utopia Silver in 3 packs and 9 packs and save considerably!)

Tips on Choosing a Product

1) Not all brands of Colloidal Silver are equal or of the same quality. Select a brand which is produced by the electro-colloidal, non-chemical method.

2) Look at the ingredients in the liquid to see the Colloidal Silver Product contains only silver and de-mineralized or distilled water. If the ingredients include a stabilizer or any other trace elements, it might be a good idea to research this product further.

3) If it is suggested that the Colloidal Silver be refrigerated, this is an indication of another element present that could spoil. Colloidal Silver needs no refrigeration and should always be protected from freezing.

4) The ideal color of Colloidal Silver should be a golden yellow, unless it is produced in concentrated form to be diluted, in which case it may be a dense looking greenish gray with an orange cast in the light. (Concentrated Colloidal Silver should return to the clear, golden yellow after dilution) A darker color could indicate larger particles of silver, or that the water used contains minerals... so check the product out.

5) Colloidal Silver should be packaged in amber or cobalt blue glass, and the Colloidal Silver Product should be stored in a cool dark place.

6) Question the product if the directions state: 'shake well before using'. Colloidal Silver should not be shaken or stirred.

7) Look at the price, but a word of caution... you may not get the best product if you buy the cheapest. Keep in mind that if you try good Colloidal Silver, you will certainly want to consider getting your own Colloidal Silver Generator and have an unlimited supply the rest of your life for the cost of distilled water. This is still the best way to go: to make your own Colloidal Silver at home.

8) Colloidal Silver is sold in different packaging for different applications. It may be in a bottle with screw-top or with a sprayer, a dropper, or even a nasal spray.

9) Colloidal Silver is even sold in salve solutions for topical applications or in losenge form. These products are perfectly safe, but consider a companies presence and longevity.


Advanced Colloidal Silver
contains ONLY Silver and distilled
water and is not a salt, iodide,
protein, or gelatinous based product.

Other factors to consider when researching a Colloidal Silver product are: Particle Size and Particle Surface Area. This is where things get interesting. Particle size is extremely important, but for a reason you may not expect. When it comes to Colloidal Silver, the smaller the particle the better.

Typically, manufacturers of Colloidal Silver list the Silver concentration in ppm's- parts per million. This measurment actually refers to weight; the weight of 1 part silver to a million parts water. If the particles are large, the surface area is actually smaller than if that particle were broken down to smaller particles.

To explain: Picture a Rubik's Cube. In one piece it has a definite surface area; but take it apart and measure the surface area of the smaller parts; break those down again and so on... and the surface area is multiplied exponentially.

Here is the math using an astounding example from
The silver dollar contains 26.96 grams of coin silver and has a nominal diameter of 40 mm (1.574 inches). The total surface area of a silver dollar is approximately 27.70 square centimeters. If the same 26.96 grams of coin silver were divided into particles 1 nanometer in diameter, the total surface area of those particles would be 11,400 square meters which is equal to 122,708 square feet, or 2.817 acres. When the amount of coin silver contained in a silver dollar is rendered into 1 nm particles, the surface area of those particles is 4.115 million times greater than the surface area of the silver dollar!

If you are interested in Colloidal Silver enough to try it, you are in the right place. The ultimate goal with this website is to introduce you to Colloidal Silver; give you some information and resources to try it out; and finally- to help you find the right Colloidal Silver Generator so you can make your own Colloidal Silver at home. Colloidal Silver Generators are quite remarkable these days and practically run themselves once they are turned on.
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