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Silver Bullet: a straightforward solution having extreme effect.

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From the Publisher of The Colloidal Silver Bullet: I have been a supporter and consumer of Colloidal Silver for over a decade. 7 years ago I purchased a Colloidal Silver Generator and began making my own Colloidal Silver at home for personal use. It cost me approximately $250.00 for my generator and accessories at that time. I have produced 8-10 gallons per year, for myself, family and friends, since then. If you consider that I was purchasing 4 oz bottles of CS prior to this; at 2/$29.00, my generator paid for itself with the first 1/2 gallon. I have not been ill from a cold, flu or virus in many years. With Colloidal Silver, I found a way to Get Well; Stay Well; Be Well.

The information you find in this site is the result of personal experience and research, with exception of articles from other respected authors and entities.

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Colloidal Silver Article 1

Colloidal Silver for Sinus Infection

Winter is coming... and so are the colds. Many people get a cold in the fall when the winter season starts to approach. For some, the typical cold they get, which inevitably leads to a sinus infection might actually be the dormant sinus infection they have been carrying. If you keep getting colds that lead to a sinus infection, you may be one of these people.

It is belived by some, and is the experience of this author, that once you get a sinus infection, you will keep getting the same sinus infection over and over. Antibiotics seem to help at times, but mostly due to the anti-inflammatory affect that an anti-biotic may have, which causes the sinus tissue to shrink and therefore drain normally. You may also have the experience of having to get a new anti-biotic because the former ceases to work.

If you haven't tried Colloidal Silver and you are are prone to sinus infections, try this:

  • 1 Tablespoon of Colloidal Silver per day-hold and swish in your mouth as long as you can. Absorbtion through the mouth tissue is swift and effective.

  • With a dropper-'snort' or 'snuff' a couple drops of Collodal Silver right up your nose. (the sinus cavity is hollow and surrounded by tissue, and direct contact and absorbtion of the colloidal silver into the tissue is most effective)

So, if it is your experience of repeated sinus infection and have hope for relief, but have found nothing that works, what have you got to lose? If you have a minute, you can read some Colloidal Silver Testimonials.

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