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Colloidal Silver 8oz Advanced Colloidal Silver 8oz
(Approx 48 day supply)
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Tips on Choosing a Product

1) Not all brands of Colloidal Silver are equal or of the same quality. Select a brand which is produced by the electro-colloidal, non-chemical method.

2) Look at the ingredients in the liquid to see the Colloidal Silver Product contains only silver and de-mineralized or distilled water. If the ingredients include a stabilizer or any other trace elements, it might be a good idea to research this product further.

3) If it is suggested that the Colloidal Silver be refrigerated, this is an indication of another element present that could spoil. Colloidal Silver needs no refrigeration and should always be protected from freezing.

4) The ideal color of Colloidal Silver should be a golden yellow, unless it is produced in concentrated form to be diluted, in which case it may be a dense looking greenish gray with an orange cast in the light. (Concentrated Colloidal Silver should return to the clear, golden yellow after dilution) A darker color could indicate larger particles of silver, or that the water used contains minerals... so check the product out.

5) Colloidal Silver should be packaged in amber or cobalt blue glass, and the Colloidal Silver Product should be stored in a cool dark place.

6) Question the product if the directions state: 'shake well before using'. Colloidal Silver should not be shaken or stirred.

7) Look at the price, but a word of caution... you may not get the best product if you buy the cheapest. Keep in mind that if you try good Colloidal Silver, you will certainly want to consider getting your own Colloidal Silver Generator and have an unlimited supply the rest of your life for the cost of distilled water. This is still the best way to go: to make your own Colloidal Silver at home.

8) Colloidal Silver is sold in different packaging for different applications. It may be in a bottle with screw-top or with a sprayer, a dropper, or even a nasal spray.

9) Colloidal Silver is even sold in salve solutions for topical applications or in losenge form. These products are perfectly safe, but consider a companies presence and longevity.


Advanced Colloidal Silver
contains ONLY Silver and distilled
water and is not a salt, iodide,
protein, or gelatinous based product.

Other factors to consider when researching a Colloidal Silver product are: Particle Size and Particle Surface Area. This is where things get interesting. Particle size is extremely important, but for a reason you may not expect. When it comes to Colloidal Silver, the smaller the particle the better.

Typically, manufacturers of Colloidal Silver list the Silver concentration in ppm's- parts per million. This measurment actually refers to weight; the weight of 1 part silver to a million parts water. If the particles are large, the surface area is actually smaller than if that particle were broken down to smaller particles.

To explain: Picture a Rubik's Cube. In one piece it has a definite surface area; but take it apart and measure the surface area of the smaller parts; break those down again and so on... and the surface area is multiplied exponentially.

Here is the math using an astounding example from
The silver dollar contains 26.96 grams of coin silver and has a nominal diameter of 40 mm (1.574 inches). The total surface area of a silver dollar is approximately 27.70 square centimeters. If the same 26.96 grams of coin silver were divided into particles 1 nanometer in diameter, the total surface area of those particles would be 11,400 square meters which is equal to 122,708 square feet, or 2.817 acres. When the amount of coin silver contained in a silver dollar is rendered into 1 nm particles, the surface area of those particles is 4.115 million times greater than the surface area of the silver dollar!

If you are interested in Colloidal Silver enough to try it, you are in the right place. The ultimate goal with this website is to introduce you to Colloidal Silver; give you some information and resources to try it out; and finally- to help you find the right Colloidal Silver Generator so you can make your own Colloidal Silver at home. Colloidal Silver Generators are quite remarkable these days and practically run themselves once they are turned on.
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