Colloidal Silver Testimonials

From the Publisher: I first heard of Colloidal Silver in 1995 when a friend recommended it for my long-lasting sinus infections. I tried it and it was amazing, but because of the cost, I could only buy it when I became very ill. Several years later, I purchased a Colloidal Silver Generator and started to make Colloidal Silver at home. I have been using Colloidal Silver since February 2000, and have not been ill from a cold, flu, or virus since that time.

When I first started making my own Colloidal Silver at home, I was anxious to feel better and I had all the Colloidal Silver I could want at my disposal. I began by consuming 1/2 a glass at a time and found myself feeling worse; like I had a bad flu. I thought I must be the only person in world history to be allergic to Colloidal Silver, or that it might be toxic to me. I contacted the person I bought my generator from and I learned I was experiencing "Healing Crisis" (Herxheimer Reaction). This is where the the toxins in the body are being killed off faster than the body can eliminate them. I immediately cut my daily dosage down and allowed my body to heal at a more reasonable rate and I felt 100% within a few days.

Herxheimer Reaction-
the symptoms of illness one may feel as the result of effective treatment. It is caused by toxins being released from the cell walls of dying bacteria, and a sign that the treatment is working to eradicate pathogens faster than the body can eliminate them. Herxheimer Effect or "healing crisis", is a sure sign that the treatment is working, but may be avoided by starting Colloidal Silver slowly- in small doses. Keep in mind, small doses are all that are necessary when using Colloidal Silver as a supplement.


from Anonymous: I had been making and using Colloidal Silver for quite some when I decided to present the idea to my aunt. For years she had battled with chancre sores in her mouth, that were present a good deal of the time. She would get them all over the inside of her mouth; cheeks; and on her lips. My aunt is very strong-willed and her beliefs lie in the realm of pharmaceutical medicine and advice, although she had not found any means of relief and had dealt with these painful sores for decades. I presented her a spray bottle of Colloidal Silver and her to "just try it"... In 3 days, the sores disappeared and have not returned and do not return with regular use.
Elisabeth A: My experience with colloidal silver began December 1999. I became very ill with a phenomena- a bronchitis lung thing, and started taking the silver 2-3 oz per day for a week and was completely healed. Previously, I had taken doctor prescribed medications and the condition could linger for a months.

When the yearly viral lung illness, aka "the CRUD", comes along I begin taking the silver and if caught in time I don't get sick at all. If it catches up to me before I take it, the treatment may be up to a week to rid it out of my lungs and respiratory tract. The rest of the people and co-workers are ill for months.

I had a problem with my Persian kitten for two years when first buying him. He would get these lumps in his neck/throat area which practically strangled him. He was on veterinarian antibiotics three times and the lumps would go away and then return with a vengeance within two weeks. I struggled with this until acquiring some silver and giving him an eyedropper everyday, and then every other day for a couple weeks to be sure the proper dose was given. For the past two years his lumps have disappeared and have not returned. I occasionally put it in the dogs and the cats water; the animals' fur and healing preventative is miraculous. Many people have asked me what I do to make them so soft, although I also give them fish oil pills, so it is a combination...

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...I have used silver in spray bottles on infected eyes or cuts, after cleaning. The pets don't mind because it doesn't sting and quickly heals up wounds. This includes some deeper wounds that my cat has gotten when getting into fights.

I use it as an antiseptic for my mouth when bad breath is a problem due to bacteria. If I had children I would feel comfortable giving it to them when necessary. I feel safe in using silver whenever it is called for and has so many remedial uses. I totally believe in it and plan to buy a silver machine soon.