The Colloidal Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet: a straightforward solution having extreme effect.

The focus of this site is to present information and resources to the person looking to try Colloidal Silver as a supplement to a healthy living routine. The information presented here is not new, as Silver has been used effectively for thousands of years. If you have reached a point in your research where you read the same things over and over... here is a condensed and refreshing view on Colloidal Silver in the following pages:

Silver-The Forgotten Resource - History

Colloidal Silver Articles - Information

Colloidal Silver Testimonials - Actual Experiences

Colloidal Silver Production - Make Your Own

Colloidal Silver Controversy - FDA & Confusion

Colloidal Silver Purchase - Buy Colloidal Silver

Once you decide you are going to try or buy Colloidal Silver, you might want to keep in mind that it will be a very wise and economical choice to look into making your own Colloidal Silver at home. This is the ultimate goal of this site... to present quality Colloidal Silver Products, Colloidal Silver Generators and Silver Production Accessories to the wise and health conscious consumer.

Don't Wait Until You Get Sick

From the Publisher of The Colloidal Silver Bullet: I have been a supporter and consumer of Colloidal Silver for over a decade. 7 years ago I purchased a Colloidal Silver Generator and began making my own Colloidal Silver at home for personal use. It cost me approximately $250.00 for my generator and accessories at that time. I have produced 8-10 gallons per year, for myself, family and friends, since then. If you consider that I was purchasing 4 oz bottles of CS prior to this; at 2/$29.00, my generator paid for itself with the first 1/2 gallon. I have not been ill from a cold, flu or virus in many years. With Colloidal Silver, I found a way to Get Well; Stay Well; Be Well.

The information you find in this site is the result of personal experience and research, with exception of articles from other respected authors and entities.

Get Well, Stay Well and Be Well,

-Jeannie Salgy

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